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How to help boost bee population

Garden and greenhouse fans who wish to help get the bee population back to normal have been given some tips on how to do so.

Gather.com recently reported that figures from the Xerces Society show that bee populations in the US have been on the decline since 1945, with numbers having halved in the intervening 65 years.

However, gardeners can help the situation by providing a hospitable environment for honeybees.

The online resource suggested switching to organic practices as pesticides and herbicides can be lethal to bees.

Meanwhile, planting native wildflowers should also encourage the winged creatures to visit the garden.

“Ideally, you should plant at least three different species for every season,” the magazine said.

This is because different types of bees are active at different times of the growing season.

While they also prefer larger flowers, growers should avoid those which have been developed by flower breeders and non-native plants.

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