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Garden and greenhouse fans contribute tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts were recently asked to contribute their best tips to a horticultural website, which has published a list of the ten top hints.

Gather.com members suggested that those new to growing start off small, with growing in pots a good place to begin.

This is a good way to master the basics and ease you gently into the world of gardening and can be done almost anywhere.

However, it is important to keep your seedlings out of harm‘s way as plants are especially vulnerable when they are young.

Growers should begin with things they like to eat, such as tomatoes, pepper and beans, before branching out to more complicated plants.

A few minutes of attention each day should be enough to help keep the garden ticking over and avoid any disasters.

Furthermore, labelling what has been planted can be extremely useful – especially in larger gardens where it can be difficult to keep track.

Meanwhile, nj.com has reported that Hoboken Historical Museum is set to host its 13th Annual Secret Garden Tour on Sunday (June 6th).