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Greenhouse and garden enthusiasts ‘can still add colour in winter’

Garden and greenhouse fans who believe that the onset of fall means the colour will fade from their creations should think again, it has been suggested.

According to downtownshortpump.com, savvy growers can plant species that will keep their outdoor space looking vibrant right through to the new year.

It advised choosing winter pansies, evergreens and blooming shrubs to help keep the garden and greenhouse bursting with colour over the festive period.

Strange‘s greenhouse manager Sunnie Caldwell told the website she prefers violas and pansies.

“While both offer a veritable range of colour, violas provide strength in numbers with multiple blooms of tiny flowers,” she said.

Other potential choices included the pink and purple-coloured Muhlenbergia, ornamental cabbage and kale.

The article explained that choosing the right shrubs can have a big impact on the visual landscape.

It listed a range of other potential options for adding some vibrancy to the garden and greenhouse during the colder months, noting that growers need not give up their passion when the days become shorter.

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