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New England horticulturalists given winter tips

New England garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some growing tips for the autumn months.

The Warwick Beacon explained that even though September is over, there are plenty of things for horticulture fans to busy themselves with.

Mulching was top of the list of priorities, with the article suggesting that the added layer of insulation can help keep the soil from freezing and thawing.

This should stop roots being forced to the surface and dying. The process can be aided by placing flat stones on top of the mulch where vulnerable roots are, it added.

Prior to the first frosts setting in, gardeners should continue to water any wooded plants, especially newly installed varieties.

Furthermore, it is important to pull out any weeds to ensure they do not take over the garden in springtime.

The article said horticulturalists should aim to remove the roots and seed heads of the rogue species.

New England‘s geographical location on the north-east coast of the country makes it susceptible to colder winters than other regions, meaning garden and greenhouse requirements may be different.