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Fall gardening tips from Cleveland expert

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been encouraged to see the fall as an opportunity to prepare their plots for next year.

Cleveland.com spoke to Cleveland Botanical Garden plant collections curator Ann McCulloh for some advice on autumn gardening.

She suggested that now is a good time to test and address any issues with the soil as labs wont be as busy and should be able to process samples faster.

This will allow growers to add the appropriate nutrients and treat the soil to get it just as they require in time for the new growing season.

Plants that require protection during the winter months should also be brought indoors, she advised.

A greenhouse or windowsill will help them get the light they need, but Ms McCulloh warned against over pruning.

She added any vegetables you are growing should now be harvested in anticipation of the winter frosts.

Meanwhile, DelmarvaNow.com recently advised gardeners to fill their bird feed boxes to help keep the winged critters healthy over the colder months.