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Strawberries a ‘simple plant to grow’

Greenhouse enthusiasts have been told strawberries are a simple fruit to grow.

The plants can be classed in three groups, according to stargazette.com – June-bearing, ever-bearing and day-neutral.

Planting should take place in spring, with the specimens being located in a sunny, well-drained area.

Gardeners should be careful not to over-fertilise as this can cause smaller fruit and extra leaves, the article suggests.

Popular varieties of June-bearing plants include Earligrow, Jewel and Honeoye, while everbearing examples Fort Laramie and Ogallala are also popular.

Tristar and Tribute are suggested day-neutrals and growers can cut problems by ensuring they only choose healthy specimens.

“If an entire plant becomes diseased, remove … and replace it with a healthy runner from another plant,” the article states.

According to the BBC, placing a net over the crops can help prevent birds from munching on the fruit.

It also advises putting pellets, grit or broken egg shells under each plant to prevent slugs.