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Containers an ‘easy starting point’

Horticulture enthusiasts who find their greenhouse is fit to burst with plants may be interested to hear the advice of garden designer Jon Carloftis.

The expert suggests people can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and even trees in containers.

He said this is an easy way of introducing greenhouse plants to the outside world as they take less time or maintenance than planting into the earth.

“I love working with containers because they make gardening less overwhelming, particularly for beginner gardeners,” Mr Carloftis commented, adding they are a good starting point for expanding your ideas.

Growers have a choice of terracotta, cast-stone and cast-iron containers, as well as glazed pottery and other materials.

The UK‘s Royal Horticultural Society recently showed its members they could even make containers from old clothes, helping them recycle and boost their gardens‘ eco-credentials.

Americans looking to stay true to their country‘s traditions may wish to opt for cast stone, which are durable and refer back to the hand-carved stone pieces of days gone by.