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‘Choose large container plants’ for visual effect

Gardeners have been advised to keep large container-grown plants to help make a visual impact.

According to 9news.com, doing so can enhance the effect of smaller flowers, while the bigger plants can also be kept under glass in a greenhouse or behind a window during winter to save them for the next spring and summer.

It suggests peace lilies and umbrella trees as varieties that could benefit from time in the sun.

However, it adds some are shade-lovers and should not be exposed fully, or else they may burn.

“I have several old specimens of palms, ficus, jade plant and rubber tree that do extremely well in filtered sun on my shaded patio,” wrote Rob Proctor.

He added combining the larger varieties with smaller pots of summer annuals can create a “vibrant tone” for the garden.

Mr Proctor also suggested growing a banana tree and ornamental grasses such as bamboo to give the outdoor space an exotic, holiday feel.

The San Mateo County Times has meanwhile warned that while children make great garden helpers, care should be taken to ensure their safety.