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Advice given on growing veg in containers

Oregon State University and Lane County Extension Service have offered tips on container vegetable gardening through the Register Guard.

The recent advice is particularly relevant to local gardeners in the Willamette Valley due to the “notorious” clay soil there.

However, it could help any horticulturalist looking to grow vegetables in a place other than directly in the ground.

It suggests using large enough containers with drainage holes as well as room for soil and roots.

Potting compost should be mixed with garden soil for best results as the latter is often too heavy to use in pots.

An ideal mixture, the article suggests, can be made from equal parts of peat moss or mature compost, loamy soil and builders‘ sand.

The pH level should be kept at around 6.5 to give optimum conditions.

“Containers need more frequent fertilization,” it suggests. “Start feeding two months after planting and repeat every two to three weeks.”

Vegetable gardening has recently enjoyed a spike in popularity, with numerous community gardens opening around the country and Michelle Obama even starting her own patch on the South Lawn of the White House.