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Gardening restraint ‘a good way of saving’

A gardening enthusiast has been examining the merits of frugal horticulture on volunteertv.com.

Michael Grinder believes the pastime can be a good way of cutting back on spending – as long as it is done correctly.

He advises restraint when browsing in garden centres and suggests using websites such as GardenWeb.com is a good way of picking up tips on how to get by without breaking the bank.

“Being a guy, I like garden gadgets and growing gizmos, so I really have to watch my wallet when I‘m perusing the lawn and garden section or visiting some of my favourite sites for horticultural paraphernalia,” he admitted.

Mr Grinder added frugal gardening can be satisfying and said you do not need to splash out on fancy tools to succeed.

Some gardeners may be tempted to follow in Michelle Obama‘s footsteps after the first lady recently broke ground on a kitchen garden on the White House‘s South Lawn.