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Gardener makes savings by growing her own veg

A keen gardener who has seen the process of growing food passed down through generations of her family has revealed the savings she makes, greenhouse owners may be interested to hear.

Betty Pierce told the Jackson Sun that she saves between $200 and $250 a month by nurturing her own fruit and vegetables.

She said that growing items such as green beans, tomatoes and peppers has meant she does not need to shell out as much on groceries and her only real expense is meat to go with her vegetables.

The extra yield that she produces is often given away to gracious friends and neighbours.

Ms Pierce said the importance of being partially self-sufficient was drilled into her as a child.

"We depended on it to eat. There were five of us kids and that's just what you did," she told the publication.

Another person who was brought up on gardening is Bill Legg of Tennessee, who told the Shelby County Reporter that having trained as a Master Gardener, he realised how talented his mother was with flowers and plants.