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Website launched to benefit fruit growers

Greenhouse enthusiasts who like to partake in a spot of fruit growing may be interested in a new website that has been set up to encourage sustainable living.

Lori Barudoni has launched lemonsforlimes.com, which enables people to trade surplus fruit they have grown with others in their local area.

The system is based around zip codes, allowing communities to contact each other and swap goods that have sprouted in their gardens.

A points system is also used, with those who grow too many tomatoes in the summer able to pass them on in exchange for credit that can be cashed in to secure fruit or vegetables that grow in different seasons.

"My hope is that lemonsforlimes.com will change the way people think about gardening and edible landscaping as it relates to sustainable living," Ms Barudoni commented.

Earlier this week, Betty Pierce told the Jackson Sun she saves between $200 and $250 a month by growing her own healthy food on her property – a tradition that has been passed through her family.