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Water roots in summer, expert says

Greenhouse enthusiasts should always water the root of a plant rather than the whole thing during hot weather, an expert has said.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune by horticulture specialist Sean Conway, watering at the root is more efficient and better for them.

It is also important to water plants early so that leaves dry before the heat sets in, as this can prevent fungal diseases developing on damp surfaces.

Another summer tip is to weed when the sun is getting stronger, he added.

"If you don't let weeds grow past the seedling stage, scratching the ground with a hand tool or hoe is enough to expose them to the hot sun, killing them quickly. When the soil is dry I leave withered weeds to decompose back into the soil," he explained.

Mr Conway went on to state that he prefers not to use insecticides because they kill beneficial creatures as well as bad ones, but if they must be used, never apply them when the sun is at its hottest as it can burn the leaves.