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Gardening can be fun and frugal, expert says

Working in a greenhouse or garden is fun and can save you money, it has been suggested.

According to horticulture writer Jamie McWade in the Old Northeast-Downtown St Pete Patch, growing vegetables at home can cut annual bills by around $300.

Not only, that, it is fun, environmentally friendly and creates a valuable space for wildlife, she added.

At this time of year, Ms Wade continued, it is important to rotate crops, to give the soil a chance to give nutrients to other varieties.

It can also be beneficial to engage in what is called 'companion planting', she remarked, adding: "Just as we have loving and warm friends that we cherish, vegetables have companions that help revive them and keep them healthy and strong while life continues."

Some of the combinations that go together include: broccoli with mint, dill, rosemary, oregano, chives, sage and thyme; onions next to tomatoes, carrots, chamomile and tarragon; and celery with beans and cabbages.