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Compost the key to healthy soil, expert says

Gardeners and greenhouse enthusiasts keen to give their outside space a boost can follow some simple steps to get real results, according to one expert.

In an article for the Nashua Telegraph, gardening writer and creator of www.gardening-guy.com Henry Homeyer said adding compost or aged cow manure to soil will help anything grow.

"If you have sandy soil, it will act as a sponge to stop moisture from percolating right through. If you have a clay soil, it will improve drainage and make the soil lighter and fluffier and more receptive to roots," he explained.

Another good tip is to plant on cool, cloudy days, Mr Homeyer stated, or even when there is a spot of light rain.

If it has been raining for a few days, however, it is best to leave it to dry out a little before planting, he commented, adding: "Rototilling wet soil is definitely a no-no and walking on wet soil can compact it, ruining soil structure."