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Gardeners should simplify as they get older, expert says

Making a garden simpler is one way for greenhouse enthusiasts to keep it manageable as they get older, an expert has suggested.

Page Dickey, a garden designer and writer in North Salem, New York, told the Washington Post how she and her husband changed their garden once they got into their 70s.

Shifting to beds dominated by shrubs is one way to make things less complicated, she stated, while keeping beautiful landscapes a feature of an outside space.

Ms Dickey recommends dwarf shrub varieties, as they need minimal levels of attention in order to thrive, provided they have good sun and shade conditions.

She also suggested the chartreuse-leafed spirea Ogon, as well as White Gold, a Japanese spirea with golden foliage and white flowers in spring.

"As we grow older, it becomes easier to admire simplicity, even to long for it," Dickey wrote in her book about gardening in life's third act, Embroidered Ground. Through this design and horticultural reduction, "we achieve a welcome serenity," she added.