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Tips for growing herbs indoors

Garden and greenhouse owners who love to cook what they grow can still cultivate herbs throughout winter.

According to Organic Authority, it is easy to bring outdoor herbs indoors for the colder months.

The online resource had a number of tips for those planning to continue growing their herbs, including locating them in the kitchen or bathroom, where they are likely to retain heat and moisture naturally.

Keeping the soil moist is also essential, but over watering can be just as dangerous as dehydration so striking a balance is important.

"Grow all herbs in a clay pot with holes for drainage. And start with an organic fertiliser for ultra eco-love – or better yet, create your own compost," the website suggested.

It also advised that growers provide plants with lots of light and keep the temperature between about 60 and 70 degrees F.

Furthermore, if the herbs become invested with insects, it is important to wash them with soapy water to get rid of the pests.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Morning News has urged gardeners to use colour to inject some life into dreary winter days.