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Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts advised on plant protection

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some advice on how best to protect their plants from the cold.

With the winter frosts coming in earlier than usual this year, Tampa Bay Online has suggested that growers might wish to cover up their more vulnerable species.

Using a bed sheet, it is possible to create a sort of tent that acts like a small greenhouse, trapping heat around the plant and protecting it from the damaging effects of the cold.

The online resource urged gardeners to be selective over what type of cover they use and explained that specially made versions can be bought from retailers, while plastic covers should be avoided as they starve the greenery of oxygen.

Those who cover their plants should ensure the cover goes all the way to the ground and anchor it down with rocks or clothes pegs to stop heat escaping.

"Since your holiday lights are already out of the attic, put the leftover strands to good use by wrapping them around trees and shrubs that are too tall to cover – especially citrus trees," the website suggested.

"Some gardeners even put them under their plant covers to add a little more warmth."

In other news, NaplesNews.com recently published some advice on protecting plants during the winter.