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September tips for US gardeners

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts should be preparing for the coming of winter and one Colorado news provider has given some hints on what to do when the first frosts arrive.

According to community radio station KUNC, growers should quickly rototill or dig up the vegetable plot to allow plenty of time to get the soil up to scratch ahead of springtime.

Working in compost will allow the ground to take on more nutrients and boost quality before new seeds are planted for 2011.

Gardeners should now leave the last flowers on their rose bushes to fall off of their own accord, which will encourage fruit to form, adding winter colour to the plants.

Growers should also busy themselves with raking up leaves that fall from the trees, which can be used as mulch for perennials or dug into the vegetable patch to add nutrients.

However, leaves left on the lawn can cause mould and dead spots in the grass, which are not attractive in anyone's books.

In other news, the Memphis Commercial Appeal has suggested that pruning barren fig trees might help encourage growth.