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How to keep kids interested in gardening

Keeping children interested in garden and greenhouse tasks can be more difficult in summer and autumn, it has been claimed.

According to Kansas State University horticulturalist Evylin Neier, kids often get frustrated as temperatures rise and growing becomes more about weeding and watering than frolicking in the mud.

The Junior Master Gardener programme coordinator told Kansas City Infozine that youngsters rarely want to push through the less exciting stages of the year.

She explained that kids might be more open to helping with the gardening if parents allow them to stay up a little later to do it.

Watering in the cooler evening hours is better for plants as it allows them to absorb the fluid properly.

Allowing kids to keep an eye on vine crops, such as cucumbers, baby melons and squash, should encourage them to take more of an interest in fruit and vegetables, Ms Neier added.

This is because they can see the progress and the end result.

In other news, the Dallas News has highlighted a number of garden and greenhouse events occurring in the city over the coming weeks.