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Why garden and greenhouse fruit tastes better

Garden and greenhouse fans that grow their own fruit are likely to enjoy tastier produce than those who buy it from the supermarket, it has been claimed.

According to the Daily Mail, fruit that is allowed to ripen on a tree will always be more palatable than that which has been left to ripen in a box during transport.

This is true for peaches, berries, muskmelons, tomatoes and many other kinds of greens, the newspaper explained.

The article also had a few handy hints for fruit growers hoping to get the best out of their garden.

It advised those with overgrown apple trees to prune them back during August to limit their size. However, gardeners who wish to encourage growth should wait until late winter or early spring to get snip happy.

“A pruning cut made in the dormant season may result in as many as four ‘water sprouts‘ arising from around the wound,” it advised. “The same cut made now will not give rise to new shoots.”

Meanwhile the Bennington Banner recently reported on a group of workers who have created a community vegetable garden in Arlington by creating 15 raised beds.