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How to get the best out of plants in summer

With summer well and truly underway, growers hoping to get the best out of their plants in the warmer months have been given some useful advice.

According to the Newbury Port News, fertiliser is the key to success, whether plants are in the garden or the greenhouse.

It explained that clever use of the horticultural material can help cut the number of hours a grower spends working and increase the time they spend admiring the fruits of their labour.

“Many greenhouses use a time-released fertiliser that‘s mixed into the soil at planting time and then is slowly released over four months,” the news provider noted.

It added that Osmocote is the most commonly available variety and suggested that it is ideal for container planting.

The product can be added to the surface of the soil even after the plants are established to help give them a useful boost of nutrients.

Meanwhile, the Produce for Better Health Foundation has revealed that it has added new pages to its website fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org.