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Tips for growing food organically

A website has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts tips on how to grow organically – a trend it claims is increasing in popularity.

According to helium.com, growing your own food is a great way to limit the number of chemicals you are consuming.

To achieve the best success, horticulturalists should build strong foundations for their plants by providing them with healthy soil.

The online resource recommended getting the dirt from the garden tested to see if anything needs adding, noting that the ideal pH level for most vegetables is around 6.5.

All-natural liquid fertilisers may also be useful for boosting the health and size of vegetables without adding chemicals.

“I recommend ProtoGrow because it contains a special blend of fish emulsion and kelp extract, both of which are very effective natural, non-chemical fertilisers,” the author said.

Compost is also an essential element in the success of food growers as it helps to deliver nutrients and healthy bacteria to the plants.

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