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How urban gardens help improve cities

Urban Farming was set up by Taja Sevelle to help tackle the issues of food security and environmental deterioration.

SeriousEats.com recently spoke to the founder and executive director about the organisation‘s story and how US garden and greenhouse owners can play their part.

Ms Sevelle explained that she mixed her gardening career with her work as a recording artist, planting vegetables on city lots while recording CDs for Sony.

She noticed that there was a lot of unused land in Detroit and thought it could be put to good use as space for corn or tomato plants.

The expert originally intended to help Detroit become the first city in the US to help its residents end hunger, due to the amount of unused land that was available for farming.

Urban gardens help “lower crime, beautify the area [and] galvanise people together”, Ms Sevelle told the online resource.

Meanwhile, the Crossville Chronicle recently drew attention to the 2010 Blooms Days Garden Festival & Marketplace, which is taking place on June 26th and 27th in Knoxville, Tennessee.