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Water garden advice

An increasing number of people are spending more time in their garden and greenhouse, it has been claimed.

According to the Signal, Americans are finding that their yard is an appealing place to unwind on the cheap.

It explained that many are contemplating adding a water garden to their outdoor space and enlisted the help of an expert to provide some advice.

Those who install a pond should be sure to stock it with fish as they will eat any mosquito larvae, helping to protect against the pesky insects.

The online resource suggested that while both concrete base and pond liners are equally good ideas, the former may be more susceptible to cracking if a tree root finds its way underneath.

Water can be supplied from the tap, but it may be advisable to add products to remove chlorine and chloramines from it to help wildlife.

Those hoping to establish water lilies should aim to have them in full sunlight at a depth of between 18 and 30 inches.

Meanwhile, the Greene County Daily Mail has published a number of gardening tips from expert Bob Beyfuss.