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Pet owners should garden responsibly

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts face an added responsibility if they are pet owners, it has been claimed.

A recent article on ZooToo.com advised growers to investigate the effects that horticultural products can have on cats, dogs and other animals before buying or using them.

Something as simple as cocoa mulch can be extremely dangerous to canines, as it causes diarrhoea, muscle tremors and vomiting.

It also attracts mutts with its sweet smell and, although useful in landscaping, should be avoided by anyone who is likely to have a dog in their garden.

Michigan Veterinary Specialists representative Dr Cassandra Bliss told the website that almost 30 per cent of poisoned animals that she sees have consumed something in the garden.

“It is a huge thing that happens in the evenings, on the weekends, when people are just out enjoying their gardens, not even thinking about it,” she explained.

In other news, UK firm Ronseal has suggested that growers can give their gardens a quick fix by investing in a shed or other storage space.