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Basic garden tips for spring

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been reminded of a few basic tips that should see them through spring.

According to the Tracy Press, the best time to water plants is in the morning, as this reduces the chances of them becoming diseased and boosts their overall health.

It added that a fairly regular deep soak is more beneficial than a sprinkle every day for plants in the ground, although those in pots should be given some extra hydration on a daily basis.

Inappropriate use of fertilisers and pesticides can lead to runoff, which can be harmful to ground and surface water reserves, eventually damaging all plants in the area.

Therefore, gardeners should take steps to ensure that this does not happen.

Meanwhile, the news provider advised growers to avoid weed-and-feed products on lawns with other plants growing nearby as these can be damaged by the weed part of the mixture.

In other news, istockanalyst.com has reported on Garden Writers Association Foundation figures which show that 41 million US households grew a vegetable garden in 2009.