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New Jersey growers given tips

A New Jersey website has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts some advice as the state welcomes the coming of spring.

According to nj.com, growing your own fruit and vegetables can be “wonderfully rewarding” – something that has made it increasingly popular across the US.

It advised that growers can produce a large selection of foods from a plot measuring just ten sq ft and suggested that beginners might benefit from picking up Mel Bartholomew‘s Square Foot Gardening book.

The publication features a system of gardening where plots are broken down into sections of 12 inches and should help those new to food growing take their first tentative steps.

A perfect location for a vegetable garden would be “a level spot close to a water source and in full sun”, the website added.

This is especially true for fruiting crops and herbs, which usually need around eight hours of strong light per day to thrive.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post recently featured an interesting article on guerrilla gardening – the art of making use of derelict land to grow food and plants.