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Food growing does not have to be expensive

Those new to growing their own food in the garden and greenhouse need not spend too much cash establishing their vegetable plot.

According to freeshipping.org, growers should plan early and have a clear idea of what they want to do before they begin to plant.

The website recommends GrowVeg.com as a good place to work out what has to be done as it offers tools to help plot growing activities.

Meanwhile, growing from seeds works out far cheaper than buying established plants and the savvy gardener can save paying up to ten times more by sowing their own.

The process can be sped up by starting seeds off indoors on a sunny windowsill or under glass in the greenhouse.

Once they are ready to be transplanted outside, it is important that gardeners dig a deep bed and apply a layer of mulch to keep weeds at bay and improve soil quality.

In other news, the Register Mail recently revealed that the University of Illinois Extension Knox County is to offer a guide to propagation later this month.