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Magazine publishes seed starting tips

Those who are new to garden and greenhouse growing may find the seed starting tips in Fine Gardening magazine helpful.

The publication explained that there is a certain satisfaction that comes with growing a plant from seed and gave a list of ten hints on how to do it successfully.

Firstly, gardeners should keep records of what they are planting, when they are sown, germination date and success rate, the magazine claimed.

This allows you to evaluate what went right and wrong at the end of the year and learn from any mistakes or mishaps.

Seeds should also be stored properly to ensure they remain healthy and, ultimately, useable for when you need them.

Using wide, flat containers will help avoid overcrowding of plants, while airflow and drainage can be essential for preventing disease.

Covering trays or pots with Clingfilm will help to trap moisture, reducing the need to continuously water the plants, which can shock the seeds as they develop.

Meanwhile, the Norman Transcript has revealed that the upcoming Oklahoma City Home and Garden Show will give growers the chance to pick up some useful tips.