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How to grow indoors

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts can bring their hobby indoors during winter, it has been suggested.

According to the Detroit News, the colder months are a great opportunity to start developing a collection of houseplants.

These can be grown in the greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill and can be placed in the same pot as other species to create “stunning combos in rich colour and texture”.

The news provider pointed to a useful article in Fine Gardening magazine‘s January/February issue in which expert Julia Hofley gives tips on indoor growing.

According to the former greenhouse manager, a larger pot can hold more moisture and is less likely to dry out.

She suggested that growers choose species that have similar light and hydration requirements, adding that Astral Gem Asplenium fern and Florida Beauty Dracaena work well together as both need bright, indirect light such as that in a room with a south-facing window in winter.

Meanwhile, Fine Gardening magazine recently gave hints on how to grow plants from seed.