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Attract birds to the garden

Garden and greenhouse fans who wish to attract birds to their garden have been given some advice by a Washington newspaper.

Our feathered friends tend to struggle for food and water during the winter months, so this is likely to be the biggest attraction to your green space, the Wenatchee World revealed.

Using an electric water-heating element in a birdbath helps keep the water from freezing, allowing the winged creatures to make good use of it.

Changing the water around once a week will also stop bacteria from forming and keep the drinking source clean.

Washington gardeners can grow plants that produce seed pods that are attractive to birds, including cosmos, gayfeather, daisies and bachelor buttons.

Furthermore, birds will welcome cover from predators in the form of evergreens and other dense, bushy shrubs.

This will stop the neighbourhood cats from grabbing some fast food, as well as provide shelter from birds of prey.

Meanwhile, Cleveland.com has suggested that getting into the garden and the greenhouse could be a good way to bust stress.