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Christmas tree tips for garden and greenhouse fans

Garden and greenhouse lovers have been advised to think carefully about what type of Christmas tree they choose and how they will deal with it after the festive period.

Some opt for artificial trees, while others prefer the real thing, but the Sun News has suggested that those who opt for real specimens should either consider recycling them, or getting a living one that can be planted in the garden in January.

The recycling route involves either having them turned into woodchip mulch for landscaping or sinking them in a fishpond to provide cover for the fish.

However, buying a live tree in a pot allows families to enjoy it over the holidays and then plant it in the garden to enjoy in future years.

The Georgia news provider advised locals to invest in an evergreen that will continue to grow in the region, such as the Leyland cypress, Cedrus, Chameacyparis or Thujas.

University of Georgia Extension horticulturalist Matthew Chappell told the news paper that bringing a tree indoors can deliver a shock to its system.

“You are significantly altering the growing environment to lower light, drier and warmer conditions, especially if you put the tree near a wood stove or fireplace,” he said.

Mr Chappell added that this means the tree should be left inside for no more than ten days and kept well hydrated.

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Review recently published tips on how best to keep a Christmas tree fresh.