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Gardeners ‘should plan for year-round success’

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who wish to make their outdoor space attractive all-year-round may be interested to hear that the Augusta Chronicle is to follow the choices made by master gardener Crystal Eskola over a 12-month period.

The expert will help guide readers in choosing plants that will keep their green space looking bright and colourful, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter.

The newspaper describes her yard as a “magical place”, where “a rich tapestry of plants” is interrupted only by her chipped bark pathway.

It explained that Ms Eskola has created texture in her garden by combining layers of different plants, such as having gingers growing under ferns, which in turn are planted under trees or ornamentals.

Horticulture enthusiasts should always consider what a plant will look like throughout the year, rather than just how it will appear when in bloom, the newspaper advised.

In other news, first lady Michelle Obama traded garden and greenhouse tips with some students on a recent visit to an elementary school.