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Gardening tips for Minneapolis growers

A Minneapolis newspaper has featured a number of growing tips for garden and greenhouse fans in Minnesota.

The Star Tribune spoke to Mark Campbell, who suggested that horticulture lovers aim to grow plants that suit the region they reside in.

He explained that he has lost a number of specimens after trying to cultivate them outside their natural environment.

Mr Campbell also said gardeners should shop around, especially to find unique varieties.

Aside from catalogues, growers can use farmers markets, garden centres and nurseries to source their seeds and plants.

The newspaper revealed that Campbell makes sure his plants survive the winter by taking them inside – something a greenhouse could come in handy for.

Finally, the expert said he loves “the stuff that just grows and takes care of itself”, suggesting that low-maintenance varieties may be a good choice.

Meanwhile, Mansfield Today recently suggested that ornamental grasses could provide “beauty and movement” in the garden.