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Gardeners ‘try to grow memories’

A west coast horticulture expert has noted a trend among garden and greenhouse fans where they seek to mimic the landscape of the place where they grew up.

Writing for the Mail Tribune, Althea Godfrey said she has spoken to growers from all parts of the US and noticed that many can point out at least one of their plants that reminds them of their childhood.

She explained that, having grown up in Pennsylvania, she is still partial to trees and has often taken plants with her from previous gardens.

However, Ms Godfrey suggested that gardeners also get too attached to specific plants, explaining how she once loved a Jacobs Coat rose bush, but has never bought another as it would not be the same as the one she had at her previous address.

“A plant takes shape from a place just like we do. Every soil has its own mineral composition and tilth, neither of which are easily reproduced,” she said, explaining why she did not bring the plant with her.

The expert concluded by saying that gardeners might be tempted to grow plants that evoke certain memories, but that some species were just not meant for certain environments.

Meanwhile, Californian garden and greenhouse fans looking to attract butterflies may wish to attend a Chico Horticultural Society event on October 21st, according to the Chicoer.