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San Francisco garden and greenhouse fans ‘should plant fall blooms’

Garden and greenhouse growers in the San Francisco Bay area have been told not to give up on colourful green spaces this autumn.

According to the Examiner, horticulture fans can extend their growing season through the right choice of plants.

The article explained that while most gardeners will choose a base of shrubs or herbs, many will forget to include fall blooms in their plans.

However, it added that some shrubs flower well into the autumn and even winter, while also offering a number of suggestions for those looking to inject some colour into their garden and greenhouse in the cooler months.

The Hebe Autumn Glory was first on the list – it needs a lot of sunlight and water to get the best out of its purple and blue flowers.

Another option is the Abelia, which boasts similar needs as the Autumn Glory, but produces “lovely copper-coloured bracts”.

Meanwhile, another Examiner article entitled Plant sweet peas in August for December flowers offered advice to garden and greenhouse growers in California on sowing Lathyrus odoratus seeds.