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Company releases tailored garden and greenhouse tips solution

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who like to embrace new technology may be interested in the latest offering from PlantSense.

The company has developed a product known as the EasyBloom Plant Sensor, which sends users text messages or emails when their green space needs attention.

It provides tips based on the varieties the owner has in their garden or greenhouse.

PlantSense senior horticulturalist Dr Robert Flannery explained that the device provides information on more than just when to water the specimens.

“We take the guesswork out, so that you can spend more time enjoying your plants and less time having to think about what to do to keep them healthy,” he said.

Users log on to the EasyBloom website and register to receive growing tips on more than 6,000 varieties.

The system takes environmental variables into consideration and advice is tailored to suit the gardener‘s personal information.

Meanwhile, a recent commercialappea.com article suggested those moving outdoor tubs into their home or greenhouse take steps to minimise the trauma to plants.