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Gardener gives tips on growing tomatoes

An experienced garden and greenhouse enthusiast has been sharing his growing tips with views of Kansas City‘s KMBC.

Larry Moore explained tomato plants can often look in need of some tender loving care at this time of year, adding the cool summer has led to increased problems.

Growers may have noticed more blight and viruses creeping into their vines and fruit as the weather has not been ideal for growing of late, he told the news provider.

Mr Moore explained this can be counteracted by giving the plants a good feed of soybean meal.

He puts two large handfuls around each plant and mixes it into the earth and stated this should keep the plants producing – even in colder weather.

Another tip offered by the veteran is to check zucchini leaves for orange spots, which are likely to be squash bug eggs, which will cause the plants to welt.

Gardeners should remove that part of the leave and get rid of it in soapy water, he suggested.

Meanwhile, those who do not have a garden or greenhouse in which to grow food can find a number of tips for creating a community garden on thenation.com.