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‘No rest for gardeners’ in fall

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts cannot afford to rest on their laurels, it has been suggested.

With the arrival of fall, a number of maintenance and planning tasks need addressed, according to the Examiner.

Growers were told they can save themselves time and stress in the spring by planting some varieties now.

It stated planting autumnal crops like fall lettuce can be a good idea, while perennials can be bought cheap and put into the earth to root ahead of spring – when they usually cost more.

Readers were reminded to bury their bulbs now too, while lifting out older ones for storage and planning what you want and where can be a useful way of creating the look you desire.

Finally, gardeners were advised to take the opportunity to plant trees or bushes while the earth is freshly tilled.

Meanwhile, the online resource also recently featured an article on how to keep vegetable gardens safe from wildfires.