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Make cash from gardens and greenhouses

Greenhouse and garden enthusiasts have been told they have a potentially profitable hobby.

Writing for ABC Action News, Frugal Village owner Sara Noel explained a number of pastimes can be turned into money-making ventures.

She suggested those looking to do so should think about the skills they have and take any local or federal laws into consideration.

However, the expert explained there are many ways to make some extra dollars from growing in the garden or greenhouse.

Aside for helping others with their weeding or lawn and plant care, horticulture lovers can sell the fruits of their own labour, the article explained.

It stated growing and dehydrating herbs, cultivating food and producing jam from berries can all be good routes to making some spare cash.

“You can ask a local florist if they‘d like to buy your flowers or ornamental branches such as willows, dogwood or forsythia, or sell right from your home, too,” Ms Noel wrote.

She concluded by suggesting growing food for your own purposes can help save money.

Meanwhile, National Gardening Association horticulturalist Charlie Nardozzi yesterday told Vermont Public Radio listeners how best to deal with garden critters who much your plants.