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Cutting maintenance levels in gardens

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts should consider the maintenance involved when redesigning their outdoor space, it has been asserted.

Writing for the Star Press, Minnetrista horticultural manager Cassie Banning explained beautiful perennial borders can be lovely to behold but difficult to look after.

She offered readers a number of hints on how to design a low-maintenance area.

Choosing plants to match the existing conditions is a good starting point, she wrote, as this will help them grow more successfully.

Packing in your favourite varieties will also help reduce the chance of weeds popping up by limiting the bare soil upon which they thrive.

Watering plants individually in times of dry weather will help the good ones flourish and may also starve the weeds of moisture, the article explained.

Those looking to cut down on their toil may wish to limit the size of their garden area, meaning only select plants are grown, leaving less work to be done.

Meanwhile, Texas greenhouse growers may wish to head to the upcoming Fall Home and Gardening Show, which takes place at the Waterway Marriot Hotel and Convention Centre on August 29th and 30th.