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Burpee announces garden festivals

Gardening firm W Atlee Burpee has announced a series of five festivals for the coming year.

The series will be kicked off with the Awakening of the Garden event, which will be held on April 3rd and 4th at the company‘s Pennsylvanian Fordhook Farm.

Gardeners attending the celebration will be able to get growing tips from Burpee‘s experts and have the chance to attend seed-sowing workshops and guest lectures.

Fordhook Farm, situated in Doylstown, has in excess of 3,000 species of unique, ornamental and edible plant varieties, according to chairman George Ball.

“Our first dpen day will allow visitors to see our extensive gardens in early spring form,” he said.

Attendees will also be treated to tours of the gardens and should expect the company to draw their attention to its spring-blooming hellebores.

Mr Ball himself is set to speak about “New Plant Frontiers”, discussing the process involved in developing and introducing new varieties.

Gardeners will be asked to pay $5 admission for the event, with lectures each costing a further $10.

In February, Burpee announced that families in the US could save a small fortune by growing their own vegetables in gardens and greenhouses.