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New varieties of plants can be very colorful

There are so many approaches to gardening that green-fingered enthusiasts can be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an approach to stick with.

However, creating a colorful space in a greenhouse is undoubtedly an option that holds near-universal appeal.

This can particularly be the case for those who are looking to give their greenhouse a distinctive look and feel.

Celebrated landscape architect Bunny Guinness recently told the Daily Telegraph across the pond in the UK that tender perennials are a great choice for this purpose.

Indeed, many varieties of plant that come under this category are very bright, with the roseleaf sage being characterised by dark pink leaves. These flowers are also very good at surviving in a wide range of challenging climate conditions – meaning they will not struggle with unexpected cold snaps.

Salvia Indigo Spires are also praised for putting on a good show – and they are made from a cross between the S. longispicata and S. farinacea.

In an article for the same paper, celebrity gardener and former presenter of the Gardener's World television show Sarah Raven said that there are many new breeds of flower that are also very colorful.

For instance, the Phlox drummondii is easy to grow in a wide range of soil types and environmental conditions. This makes it ideal for summer potting and keeping in containers. Furthermore, it also provides good cuts for small vases.

Ms Raven said that she has been growing this kind of plant for a very long time and has been consistently disappointed by the apparent lack of any discernable scent. She added that they have also been difficult to acquire in bold colors until relatively recently.

"There is a magnificent, saturated red called Crimson, a pink and a good pure white, but my favourite was the rich, yet bright, velvet purple," the expert commented, adding: "This would look good in a container with silver-leaved and purple-flowered, Lavandula multifida Spanish Eyes. Both of these flower for ages, are ideal for pollinators and you can pick the odd posy for a vase."

She also recommended the Osteospermum – alternatively known as the Serenity Bronze – for those who wish to populate hanging baskets.

"Its soft, bronze orange petals would add a splash of colour contrast," Ms Raven explained. It is also characterised by a mauve central eye, which would tie in very well in a greenhouse or garden area that has a purple theme.