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New York Botanical Garden offers inspiration

The New York Botanical Garden could offer green-fingered individuals across the US a great source of inspiration

It has a constantly changing range of displays, so is always worth a look when considering new themes for your own garden.

The Orchid Show: Patrick Blanc's Vertical Gardens is said to be a particularly breathtaking attraction, forming part of the 10th Annual Orchid Show.

Indeed, the orchidaceae – commonly referred to as the orchid family – is one of the largest groups of flowering plants.

Flowers such as these are particularly attractive and have a very interesting background – taking their name from the Greek legend of Orchis, in which the son of a nymph and satyr was punished for his transgressions at a party by being turned into a flower.

Another event planned at the attraction will be elaborating on this kind of background. A series of demonstrations and presentations in the Ross Hall – entitled History and Mystery of Orchids – shows guests how they can take care of the plants themselves at home.

Rare varieties of the plant drawn from far-flung destinations such as Mexico and Costa Rica will be on show.

It is worth noting that there are over 25,000 species of orchidaceae growing on six continents across the world – making them a fascination of almost every culture on the planet.

Indeed, stories relating to orchids involving adventure and travel from Ecuador will also be the subject of their own discussion, while other practical events take place as well – such as the Orchid Sense-ations on the weekends.

Most significantly to individual growers, gardener for public education at the organisation Sonia Uyterhoeven will offer advice on the easiest plants to grow in the home.

It is not all about orchids, however, as Dr Ken Cameron will be presenting a history of the growth of the vanilla plant.

This is likely to be popular in itself, as gardening for food is believed to have been becoming significantly more commonplace since the recession.

Celebrity gardener Patrick Blanc's vertical garden could be great for people looking to bring new plant life to their greenhouses, as it is designed to take full advantage of wall space.

In the New York Botanical Garden, an audio tour has been recorded by Mr Blanc, which provides "a closer look at the extraordinary orchids in the exhibition and [a] unique perspective on some of the beautiful and unusual plants in the collections throughout the Conservatory".