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Soil is key to plants during hot spells, expert says

Greenhouse owners who have been concerned about the warm temperatures that garden plants have had to endure this summer have been told that soil quality is key.

Host of Growing a Greener World Joe Lamp'l wrote in a piece for the Seattle Times that regularly adding organic matter into the earth is a good way of boosting its effectiveness.

He suggested that gardening enthusiasts can kill their plants and flowers during a heat wave by giving them too much water, as poor soil does not allow for adequate drainage, thus the plants become drowned.

The expert stated that feeling the texture and moistness of the ground before deploying the watering can is the way forward, as it is easier to gauge how much liquid the area will need.

"Most plants in the garden do best with about one inch of water per week. Yet we tend to water a lot more than that," he wrote.

Horticulture specialist Sean Conway recently stated in the Chicago Tribune that using insecticides on plants is not always advisable, as they kill good creatures as well as destructive ones.