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Top gardening tools revealed

Greenhouse and gardening enthusiasts may be interested to learn that FoxNews.com has revealed its top five tools for getting the most out of outside spaces.

Firstly, a sturdy trowel and hand rake are essential devices for doing the digging necessary to prepare the soil for the planting of many different varieties.

They are "two essential tools for planting small seedlings, breaking up clumps of dirt and weeding between your plants," the news outlet explained.

Pruning shears were next on the list, as they are an excellent way of making sure a green space does not become a sprawling mess.

"You'll also turn to your shears to prune back flowering and fruit-bearing plants to ensure you get a healthy yield," it commented.

A nimble but protective set of gloves, a wheelbarrow and a garden rake completed the list.

"You don't need a shed bursting with high-end gear to grow a vibrant garden," FoxNews.com concluded.