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Vegetable-grower offers advice to gardeners

People hoping to fill their greenhouses with some delicious vegetables could follow one author's advice when it comes to growing their own produce.

Writing for the Orange County Register, Shelby Barone stated that she first started tending to her own food four years ago.

Now, she has offered some tips to those who wish to do the same and they could find they are growing their own tomatoes or aubergines in no time.

One of her first bits of advice was to treat the plants with manure and ensure it is mixed with the soil.

She also reminded keen gardeners that they do not need a large amount of space, as somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight is one of the most important factors.

Another top tip from Ms Barone was to plant seedlings instead of seeds, as they "always grow stronger and produce more vegetables".

Earlier this month, Deb Wandell told readers of the San Francisco Chronicle to read books or care for sick plants instead of sitting around doing nothing during winter.