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Garden and greenhouse hopes for 2011

With the year drawing to a close, it will soon be time to see in 2011 and the Daily News has discussed exactly the sort of weather growers will be hoping for over the next 12 months.

As we move towards our new growing season, it is important not to "jump the gun" by planting too early.

Waiting until the cold nights have gone is a good idea for vegetable gardeners, as dipping temperatures can be devastating for plants trying to establish themselves.

The newspaper noted that many Americans are likely to try their hand at growing their own food in the new year due to a combination of a shaky economy and rising prices.

It jokingly wished for medical advances to allow gardeners who are aged 50-plus to have their bodies act as they did when they were 20.

On a more serious note, it pointed out that a new generation of youngsters are taking up garden and greenhouse activities and urged older growers to have the patience to pass on their knowledge over a period of time.

In other news, the Santa Maria Times has given readers some tips on buying Christmas gifts for gardeners.