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Gardening tips website expands

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given a boost by the news that the John Henry Company is expanding its BloomIQ.com website.

The online resource is seeking to help horticulture lovers gain a better idea of garden design and how plants work together.

Vice president for marketing Erin Willigan explained that growers often have questions about garden design both before and after they buy plants and information tags that come with their purchase can only cover so much.

As such, BloomIQ.com has been updated with a library packed full of articles on popular plants, which should help gardeners make informed choices about what to grow together.

The website also has a plant encyclopaedia and tips on design, care and troubleshooting for the entire spectrum of gardening zones in the US.

Meanwhile, the Florida Times-Union recently gave tips for growing pecan trees in the sunshine state, suggesting that now is a good time to get them planted.